So tonight I got to deliver to the dorms of our local college, not once, but twice.  These are probably everyone’s least favorite deliveries because the kids are never where they say they’ll be, and we end up hiking all over campus to find them, carrying pizzas (which actually get heavy after a while), looking like dorks, and wasting time that could be spent making another delivery.  Plus, the college kids (this is the college I went to for eight years and eventually graduated from by the way) always pay with credit cards, and tip shitty.  Also, we have to call when we arrive, so the person that ordered the pizza can come down from their room and meet us at the door, because all the doors are locked.  Which is especially annoying because there isn’t really any cell phone reception on campus, so you have to remember to call before you get there.  Anyway, on my second delivery out to the dorms tonight (the last delivery of my night) I arrive, call, and get a recording saying the number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.  So I wait around a while, and sneak in the building behind a student as they walk through the door.  I wander the halls a bit after realizing the person “Jacob” that ordered the pizza did not leave his last name or his room number, so it’s fairly pointless to even try to find him.  I give up and call the store from the payphone downstairs, asking what I should do.  I’m told to wait for a while, and if he doesn’t show up to come back to the store, cancel the order, and throw the pizzas away.  So I wait, knowing there aren’t anymore deliveries anyway, and I’m getting paid to stand around, which is better than heading back to the store to help clean up.  So after about fifteen minutes a kid runs through the door in boxers, a t-shirt, and bare feet and starts apologizing to me over and over, saying he doesn’t know why his phone didn’t ring, he doesn’t know why it would say it’s disconnected, he’s so sorry!  I act all cool and tell him his total ($33.03) and he proceeds to hand me exactly $33.03, even counting the pennies.  I look down at my hand, and back up at this half-dressed kid, and he must see something in my face, for he shouts “oh shit, i’m supposed to tip you guys huh?” and asks if I’ll wait there for another minute while he runs to get more money.  I agree, again, standing around there is better than washing dishes, which is all that awaits me back at the store.  Another ten minutes go by, and I give up, deciding he either got distracted somehow, or it was never his intention to return.  I start to walk to my car when he runs up and hands me five bucks, again apologizing repeatedly.  I tell him it’s cool, and head back.  So yeah, you’re supposed to tip us, and when you keep us waiting forever, tip us even better.  

Tonight I worked five hours, took seven deliveries, made $12 in reimbursements, and $16.36 in tips.

That’s $4.05 a delivery and $13.47 an hour before taxes or gas.