So everyone was talking up halloween as the busiest night of the year.  It was going to be so crazy we wouldn’t have time to do anything but run in, grab pizzas, take them to the people, repeat.  So almost everyone that works at the pizza place was scheduled.  And it was slow.  Not dead slow, but not even normal friday night busy.  Boring!  The good part was getting candy when delivering, although tips were kind of sucky.  I was kind of a cowgirl, I added to my work uniform a cute horseshoe belt buckle, a bandana around my neck, a white cowgirlish shirt (with lots of cleavage, oops!) and a hat.  We weren’t supposed to dress up, so I had to take off all the accoutrements each time I returned to the store.  It made my night more fun at least.  After work I went to all three parties I said I’d go to!  I went to the one furthest away first.  It was at a house that has always had excellent dance parties pretty much as long as I’ve lived here.  It was funny being there, it felt like it easily could have been 2002, me getting drunk with my friends, making out with random girls, having sex in the basement… But six years later it was me, drinking beer leaning against the wall, watching people dance.  The costumes were similar, the people were similar, but they weren’t my friends, they were new replacements, younger versions of us.  I only knew about a quarter of the people there.  I danced a bit, finished my beer, and moved on.  The next party was low-key, fire in the backyard, higher percentage of people I knew, fifty percent maybe.  There were a lot less people there too, and the friends I hang out with the most.  I drank two beers standing around chatting, enjoyed the backyard fire for a bit until it started raining, did a jello shot, and danced to a couple songs for a minute.  Not super exciting, but I like my friends… When that party was ending around 1:30, I went to the last one, the one closest to my house.  It was still packed, the whole basement full of sweaty people dancing in half-costumes.  I drank my fourth beer while half-assed dancing, saw only a couple people I knew, patted myself on the back for making it to three parties and staying out late, and headed home.  I watched a couple episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” on my laptop in my bed and went to sleep around three.

I woke up this morning at 10:30, not tired or hungover at all luckily.  I went and got me some coffee, did a few errands, put together a file cabinet, and now am headed to a friend’s house to watch some Buffy and eat some pizza before going to work.  Yay work.

Last night I took ten deliveries, worked six hours, made $20 in reimbursements, and $39.12 in tips.

That makes $5.91 per delivery, and $18.09(?) an hour before taxes or gas.  That seems high.  Maybe I did better than I thought!