So I was all excited tonight because my last delivery signed his little credit card slip and then clipped a twenty dollar bill onto my clipboard before handing it back to me.  I said “wow, 20 bucks? Thanks!” and he said sure, and that was that.  It wasn’t until later when I was counting out at the end of the night that I noticed the credit card slip he signed was for only $7.  I was confused and asked my manager if he knew what was up, and it was explained that the dude had wanted to put part on a card and pay part in cash.  So my tip was really around $6, not $20.  Disappointing, but six is still decent on one pizza.

I ended up making ten deliveries, working five and a half hours, getting $17 reimbursement and $40.75 in tips.

So: $5.77 a delivery and $18.35 an hour before gas or taxes (I’m gonna figure out this gas thing soon, I’m curious what I make AFTER gas!)

My oven fills my apartment with smoke whenever I use it.  That means I have to clean it, right?  And if it doesn’t have a self-clean feature, that means I have to use oven cleaner?  Yuck.