So all day I’ve been waiting for booty call to get back from visiting friends in another city.  And trying NOT to be waiting.  I hate waiting, and there was no guarantee she’d be back before I had to go to work.  Which she was not.  I even shaved my legs in preparation, and wore my cute bra and panties.  But nope, she got back a few hours after I started work.  So I met her at my house for a minute on my way back to the store from a delivery, she made out with me a bunch and made me turned on and wet, and then I had to go.  She was even wearing her glasses and looked twice as hot as usual.  Ugh!  So frustrating.  And now she’s headed out of town again, TONIGHT! and doesn’t think she’ll have time to come fuck me before she leaves.  Double frustrating.  I think her priorities are way out of order personally.  I would choose fucking me over driving an hour late at night.  I think she should just go tomorrow morning.  But I’m not supposed to care, this is all casual, so I need to stop thinking about it.  And I REALLY need to stop looking out my window to see if she’s pulling up in my driveway!  Because she is not.

I worked five hours tonight, and took six deliveries, kinda slow.  I made $11.50 in reimbursements and $24.22 in tips.

Equalling $5.95 per delivery and $14.87 an hour before taxes or gas.