I got to sleep in today!  Yay!  It actually felt really weird, I didn’t mean to sleep quite as long as I did.  I didn’t get out of bed until almost noon, which is not something I ever do anymore, usually I just can’t sleep that late.  So I got up at 12 and went grocery shopping, did other errands.  Then made crust for pecan pie and started making green bean casserole.  Unfortunately my fancy new knife slipped and I sliced the tip of my thumb open, plus my thumbnail is now hanging half off.  Yuck!  Then I realized I didn’t have the right size baking dish, had to stop by Target to get one (I have a gift card there, so it’s like it was free!) on my way to work.  I was supposed to have the day off today, but volunteered to come in anyway when asked, since I didn’t really have anything better to do.  I then ended up working the longest shift since I started this job, seven hours, since I got suckered into closing once I got there.

So I worked seven hours, made eleven deliveries, got $21 reimbursment and $50 tips (+$15 this guy I don’t like much gave me to close for him!)

So:  $6.45 a delivery and $20.21 an hour before taxes and gas (including the $15 pay-off)

Pretty good, overall!