So Thanksgiving fucked up my writing every day streak.  I made it 26 days in a row, and then didn’t write yesterday.  Hmph.  I woke up late, moved slowly and was an hour late to thanksgiving, which turned out to be not a big deal because everyone was being boring and watching football.  Food was yummy, seeing friends was nice.  A friend of mine played a show in the evening and I went to watch her.  Stayed for just her set, then went home.  Another friend drove into town for the night and we stayed up until three talking about old times.  None of this is interesting to blog about huh?  

Well, now it’s one in the afternoon and I’m headed out of town to go hang out with booty call girl, who is out of town visiting a friend.  Feels a little weird, but I’m bringing her a mini pecan pie I made her.  We’ll see how this goes.  We haven’t hung out as friends since we started having sex.  So hopefully it goes okay.

Ugh. I’m tired and have a million dishes to do and I’m just ditching town instead.  Not sure it’s the best plan, but I’m going with it…