It was really busy at work tonight, but you can’t tell by my stats.  The second delivery I made was to Booty Call (she tricked me, I didn’t know it was her until I pulled in the driveway!) so I ended up making out with her for a good fifteen or twenty minutes.  Then the rest of my deliveries proceeded to be really slow ones as well.  One to the jail, to a jailer, which I had to ring a special bell and wait forever for him to come.  One to the college campus to the fourth floor of a building that is impossible to find, and the fourth floor is only accessible by one elevator.  Annoying.  But people tipped decently at least.  Now I’m going out to get drunk with old friends I haven’t seen in a while, then Booty Call is picking me up from the bar and coming home with me.  She told me she loved me today, in a not “in-love” kind of way.  We’re weird.  Very weird.  We also ran into friends while we were holding hands walking on the beach, looking very romantic and datey, even though that is NOT what’s going on.  We’re just redefining the booty call for ourselves.  But we totally got caught, it was awkward.  And my tooth still hurts.  A lot.  The tooth the dentist can’t find anything wrong with.  Sucky.  Ooh!  But I had an orgasm last night!  Yay me!  Finally!  We both felt a lot better about things after that.  I had been getting worried it wasn’t going to happen with her.  And I couldn’t figure out why.  The sex is amazing, so it sure seemed like I should cum.  

Anyway, I worked three and a half hours, only went on five deliveries, made $9.50 in reimbursement and $24.68 in tips.

Equalling:  $6.83 per delivery and $18.03 an hour.  Not bad for how long everything seemed to take me!