I did not call in gay to work.  I didn’t think it would go over especially well.  I feel slightly guilty, but not really.

I worked five hours, took six deliveries, made $10.50 in reimbursements, $8.00 selling the stupid coupon cards (way ahead of everyone else now) and $22.15 in tips.

Equalling $5.44 a delivery and $15.71 an hour.  This is including a the $8 from selling the cards, and a $10 tip.  Without those tonight would have sucked.  I had one delivery way far out, pretty much the farthest we go, and they didn’t tip, just the coin change from the order.  The drunk dude roommate of the girl that ordered pizza tried to get me to come in and do shots.  I declined.  I stepped in a mud puddle up to my ankle on the way back to my car.  I decided I hated them.

Booty Call is on her way over, she stopped by my work earlier to bring me food, and had sex with me in my car, super hot, but frustrating because it was awkward positioning in the front seat, tangled in seat belts.  We have the most amazing sex.  She’s moving to another city soon.  I’m annoyed with that.  She asked me to move there too, but that would be ridiculous, to move just for good sex.