I’ve been slacking at writing.  Crazy weekend, not much time to write about it.

Had friday night off, ended up sitting around my apartment sad and lonely watching movies.  Woke up still sad and lonely saturday morning and let myself be convinced to drive to Other Town to visit Booty Call and another friend.  Called into work and told them I had a flat tire and couldn’t make it in, felt a little guilty.  Had a fun time for the first part of the evening, then things went awry after Booty Call and I tried to be good and admit our “relationship” or whatever it is to our other friend.  Didn’t go well.  She got pissed, I felt uncomfortable staying at her house, ended up sharing a couch with Booty Call at her friend’s place.  Hard to fall asleep but woke up cozy and happy.  Didn’t last long.  She made the worst coffee I’ve ever had, then ended up talking to her ex-gf on the phone for over an hour while I sat in another room waiting and reading a book, by which time I had to leave.  However my car was parked on a steep hill, and wouldn’t start because it didn’t have enough gas in the tank.  It took two trips to the gas station filling up a tiny gas can to get it to go, and I headed home, through ice and snow, took me forever.  I made it in time to gobble down some pasta, change my clothes, and get to work on time.  Work was sucky because of the ice, I slid a lot.  Tips were a little better than usual, but not great.  Booty Call stopped by and rode along on a couple deliveries with me, which was nice, but made me even more nervous about crashing.  Luckily I didn’t.  Closing went quickly at least, I didn’t do hardly any of the closing stuff cuz I was out on deliveries at the end of the evening.  Came home, took a bubble bath, and now am waiting for Booty Call to come over and cuddle.  We’re both grumpy today, and hopefully the cuddling will help.

oh, and I worked five and a half hours, took seven deliveries, got $14 reimbursement and $29.34 in tips.

equalling $6.19 per delivery and $16.05 an hour