i’ve been really grumpy the past few days.  i blame my period.  i hate that.

Booty Call is out of town and I’m glad sort of, but wish she could teleport in and fuck me when I get out of the hot bath I’m about to take.  Then she could teleport away again, and not have to deal with my grumpiness.  Too bad I subjected her to it yesterday.  Ugh.  Tonight she’s hanging out with the girl she’s in love with who’s in a monogamous relationship.  Messy.  Then tomorrow she’s picking her ex-gf up from the airport and having a slumber party.  I’m trying not to be jealous of these things because we are NOT in a relationship!  I don’t want things to be complicated between us, and jealousy complicates things.  I’m annoyed with my brain.

I worked three and a half hours tonight, made five deliveries, 9 dollars reimbursement, and $19.79 in tips.

Which equals $5.75 a delivery and $15.96 an hour before taxes or gas.