Super snowy and icy and icky out tonight.  One of our six drivers called off work, and two came in but said they wouldn’t drive.  I dug my car out from under five and a half inches of snow and got myself to work ten minutes early.  Good thing, cuz the delivery I took first was the only good tip of the night.  Ten bucks!  After that tips ranged from average to shitty.  And several asked about the terrible road conditions, and then gave me coins as a tip.

I had slight cramps all evening, and was hungry.  Kept thinking about actually buying pizza, but was waiting until the end of my shift to do so, by which time I figured I could just come home and make macaroni & cheese.

Now I’m sitting in my pjs watching Bones.  Booty Call is driving to the airport tonight to get her ex-gf.  Still not sure when I might see her next.  I guess if I’m going to go a few days with no booty it’s good they happen to be the days when I’m bleeding and not as excited about sex anyway.

I ended up working five hours, taking seven deliveries, getting $12.50 in reimbursements and $27.36 in tips.

Equalling $5.69 a delivery and $15.89 an hour before taxes or gas.