I only took three deliveries tonight, traffic was horrendous.  There were tons of people out driving that shouldn’t have been.  I got chains for my car this afternoon, and was fine.  Business was slow, and we had to turn down deliveries to the outlying areas because it would have taken hours to get there and back.  Annoying.  and you’d think people would tip better when it’s nasty out, but they don’t seem to be.  

So I took three deliveries, worked four hours, got $4.50 reimbursement and made $10.78 in tips.

Equalling $5.09 per delivery and $11.64 an hour before taxes or gas (yuck).

Now I’m home, where I should be washing my dishes and sorting the pile of “important papers of some sort” on my coffee table, but I’m curled up under a blanket watching reruns of House.  I haven’t had sex since last thursday morning, and am missing Booty Call.  I don’t know when I’ll see her next.  We have plans tuesday, but that seems far away.  Although it gives me a chance to stop bleeding and clean my apartment.  It’s supposed to snow another whole bunch tonight and tomorrow.  I work the next few days in a row.  Fun times.