We stopped delivering right after I got to work today because of the weather.  So I only took one delivery.  Every other driver called in and said they couldn’t make it, so it was me and one other guy stuck closing when neither of us were scheduled to close.  Luckily we closed at seven rather than eleven!  It was boring being stuck in the store though, even just for a few hours.  I gave my manager friend a ride home after work, because her car was stuck.  Then I picked up Booty Call from downtown because she didn’t want to attempt my hill.  So yay for my chains!  So Booty Call is here, in the shower.  It’s really good to see her.  Feels like it’s been a long time, even though it’s only been since monday.  I’m not sure if that’s a bad sign or not.

Anyway, I worked three and a half hours, took one delivery, made $1.50 in reimbursement, and $5 in tips.

Equalling: $6.50 a delivery and $9.94 an hour.  Yucky.