I got a little lazy about writing the past few days.  I had three days off work, the first day I went to the beach with Booty Call, which was amazing.  We had the hottest sex, starting with me fucking her standing up on the beach, then heading to the hot tub where we got interrupted by a family coming to sit in the hot tub as well.  Finally getting back to the room, drinking a couple bottles of wine, and having sex all night.  I have bruises up and down my arms, a few on my thighs.  I love her biting me.  The oral sex boundary was finally eliminated as well, and that was great.  Not sure if it’s because we were kinda drunk, or if it’ll keep happening.  We have amazing communication about everything else, but I don’t want to bring this up for some reason.  

Christmas eve we drove back from the beach, she dropped me off at my parents’ house and drove home in my car.  I spent the night with my family, did xmas stuff, and then caught a ride to Booty Call’s house to pick up my car on the way to my extended family dinner.  I had sex with her again on her bed in her parents house and was an hour late to dinner.  Only my brother even noticed though.  I left early, before anyone else, having had my fill of small talk and acting cheerful.  Booty Call came over that night, but I was tired after digging my car out of the snow after getting stuck in the alley leading to my house, so we just went to sleep.  In the morning she made breakfast and coffee, as she always does, and then rushed off to visit The Other Girl, leaving me all turned on and grumpy.  I quickly made myself cum with a vibrator, and then she called and said she was stuck in the snow a block from my house, so I went and pushed her out.  Layed around all day watching reruns of House, then went to work.

Worked seven hours, don’t know how many deliveries (I was one of only two drivers willing to drive in the nasty slushy icy snow and rain, so we were busy).  Made $20 reimbursement and $47.09 in tips.

Equalling $17.72 an hour.

And my reward for being so tough and driving when nobody else would?  Getting to work from 11am to 11pm today rather than 4pm to 11pm.  Lucky me.