spent my day off yesterday doing annoying errands, like getting my tires rotated and oil changed.  sat around in the evening lonely and bored.  woke up lonely and bored and laid around watching bad movies all day until it was time to go to work.  i miss Booty Call like crazy, it’s been a week since i’ve seen her, and another week still before i will again.  super frustrating.  just want to be having hot sex all the time, not sitting around in pjs all day checking email over and over and waiting for the random text message communication from the outside world.

ugh.  not excited about life lately.  

and i hate new years.

it’s always one of the most disappointing nights of the year, sometimes toppling into absolutely awful.  like last year when i got dumped.

so now i’m home from work, made good tips (thanks to a $40 on a big order) and watching a mandy moore movie until my friend gets off work and we go out to get drunk.  we’ll see how it goes.

Booty Call is hanging out with the girl she’s in love with AND her ex at a party in another city.  I still don’t think I’m in love with her, but don’t want her kissing someone else at midnight.  hmph.

so I worked four and a half hours and took eleven deliveries, got $16.50 reimbursement and $72.55 in tips.

equalling $8.10 per delivery and $27.57 an hour before taxes or gas (new record?)