i’m SO bored.  bored enough that i texted all the people i know who are in town (which is a small percentage right now) and invited them all out dancing.  however, nobody wants to go, except maybe the girl that has a crush on me that i do not like back.  so that doesn’t sound like as much fun.  prolly i’ll just stay home and watch bad movies.  

i don’t know how to not be bored with my life.  i’m bored even while doing things other people find entertaining.  i think something is wrong with me.  i feel like i need a hobby, or to start volunteering somewhere or something.  but it all sounds boring.

my one solution is to get trained as a waitress at our restaurant, to mix things up a bit.  my first training shift is next sunday, so hopefully it goes well.  i don’t want to stop delivering, but a change will be nice a couple days a week.

i worked four hours tonight, took eight deliveries, got $15.50 reimbursement and $39.64 in tips.

equalling: $6.89 a delivery and $21.52 an hour before taxes or gas.

i’m not sure how to figure out an equation for my hourly rate after taxes.  i’ll have to work on that.