i worked five hours, took seven deliveries, got $11.50 reimbursement and $27.17 in tips.  boring night, getting tired of this job.  how do people do this for years?

so i ended up making $5.52 per delivery and $14.22 an hour after taxes.

got back from out of town with just enough time to change into work clothes in the bathroom at work.  was caught up having sex and then got stuck in traffic.  sex was really great though, first time we’ve used toys together.  Booty Call got out her vibrator to quicken the process since we didn’t have much time.  it was hot.  she’s coming down to see me tomorrow afternoon, then i’ll ride with her to her place and stay friday night, then she comes down again saturday, i go to work for a bit, and then we go to a party and she spends the night with me.  lots of sex for me!