yesterday i worked four and a half hours, took six deliveries, got $11.00 reimbursement and $18.08 in tips.

equalling $4.85 a delivery and $13.20 an hour after taxes.

then i went for drinks with a co-worker, Booty Call drove an hour to meet me after that and we went out for another drink and then had hot sex, woke up early to watch the inauguration, came home and had more hot sex, then i went to work again.

i worked today for six hours, took nine deliveries, got $14.50 reimbursement, and $33.61 in tips.

equalling $5.35 per delivery and $15.12 an hour after taxes.

Then I found out my Stupid Ex, that completely broke my heart less than a year ago, is getting married.  To some girl I’ve never even heard of before now.  And nobody told me.  Some of my friends (not my closest ones, but still) knew, and nobody said anything.  No wonder Stupid Ex won’t talk to me.  Ugh.  I’m so annoyed.  We were supposed to get married, she bought me a ring.  I wonder if this will last longer than we did.  I’m so sad and mad and grumpy about this, and don’t know how to deal with it.  I keep reminding myself I’m having lots of really hot sex, and Booty Call, while she’s not here right now, will be back tomorrow, and we’re going on a fancy date and having more hot sex, and I really like her and we have a lot of fun, but she’s not my person.  I think part of me still though maybe Stupid Ex was.  Like eventually she’d miss me, and apologize for everything she did that was awful, and we’d be friends again, and then she’d fall in love with me all over again, and it would be perfect.  And now she’s marrying some other girl, who she can’t have been with all that long.  Ugh.  Hate this.  Seriously.