i got to work the day shift today, yay!  i was scheduled for the split shift, but the day shift girl’s car wasn’t working so she left and i stayed all day.  it was snowing most of the day, and the afternoon was a little slippery, on one delivery i actually spun out and ended up on the wrong side of the road, facing back the way i’d come from.  a little scary, but soon after that the snow started melting, and by the diner rush the roads were pretty okay.  unfortunately my favorite boy at work (Pizza Hilton) crashed his car into a utility pole somehow, sliding down a hill, so there was quite the drama all evening.  

i worked nine hours, took sixteen deliveries, got $25 reimbursement, and $53.77 in tips.

equalling $4.92 a delivery and $15.61 an hour after taxes.

now i have to be back at work at eleven to cover the first half of the split shift while Pizza Hilton gets his car fixed.