i went to work without having even gotten a text from Booty.  she’s on the other side of the country visiting her ex, and i don’t expect a lot, but expected at least a quick “happy valentines day” text.  it finally came around five or six, but by then i’d been annoyed all day.  turned out she had an awful day of fighting with the ex though, so that made it a little better.

i worked the split shift, ended up working six and a half hours, taking eleven deliveries, getting $21.00 reimbursement and $48.30 in tips.

which equaled $6.30 per delivery and $17.48 an hour.

after work i went to a co-worker’s party, which was kind of fun, kind of boring.  now i’m home, going to bed, glad valentines day is over and i don’t have to be annoyed any longer.