worked in the front house tonight, but it got so crazy busy that they had me take a few deliveries.  i hate hostessing. it was so boring, even when it was busy.  i really need to talk to the manager and have her take me off the schedule.  but i’m going on a big trip in a little over a month, so part of me feels like i shouldn’t complain before then.  but then part of me wants as many driving hours as possible, and if i dropped this hostessing shift sunday nights i might get a driving shift sundays instead.  ugh, i don’t know.

i worked three and a half of the longest hours ever.  i took four deliveries.  i got reimbursed $6.00.  i made $17.05 in tips.

this all equals $5.76 per delivery and $13.42 an hour (see, hostessing is dumb).


Booty comes back tomorrow, and I have the day off.  I did pretty well not missing her until stupid valentines day yesterday.  And then today I just wanted her to be back already.  I hope things feel good between us tomorrow, for some reason I’m nervous about it a little.  Part of me wonders if what we had is fading, the hot sex and love and perfect casualness of everything; what if it’s not like that anymore?  I would be sad for it to end.  I don’t want to be sad again.  Stupid relationships.  And girls.  Hmph.