I worked the split shift today.  Booty was still in town, and it was hard for me to leave her and go to work.  I worked a little over an hour in the morning and then got sent home for the afternoon, which was great because it was warm and sunny, and Booty and I got to have a lovely picnic, and some really hot sex, before I had to go back to work.

I ended up working a total of six hours, took eight deliveries, got $16.50 in reimbursement and $24.01 in tips.

Which equals $5.06 per delivery and $14.05 an hour after taxes.

Now Booty is gone, back home, after spending the last two nights with me.  I miss her a little, but am actually a little glad to have my apartment to myself for the night.  I can catch up on laundry tomorrow, and do boring things like mop and do errands.  I’m not sure when we’ll see eachother next though, which I don’t like.  I prefer to have a day to look forward to.  And the sex is still amazing.  Really fucking amazing.

I met a puppy today.  I want to bring it home and have it live with me in my tiny apartment. I’m worried that’s a silly idea though.  Especially since I’m going travelling soon, I’ll be gone for five or six weeks, so I’d need a puppy-sitter.  But it’s SO cute, and I’ve been wanting a puppy, and it needs a home.