i got called in to do the split shift today, which was fine cuz i didn’t have anything i was doing at the time.  i was offered the all-day, but had plans to go to the gym with a friend, so turned it down.  then of course my friend cancelled on me, and i wished i’d just stayed at work.

i worked five and a half hours, took eleven deliveries, got $18.00 reimbursement, and made $38.38 in tips.  (tips seem low, even though they seemed okay at the time… i hope i didn’t lose money somewhere. i hate that)

which equals $5.13 per delivery and $17.18 an hour after taxes.  

I miss Booty a lot, I haven’t seen her since Thursday morning, and we haven’t had sex since Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  She’s spent pretty much the whole weekend with her other date, which didn’t used to bother me, but for some reason this weekend did.  I wanted her to come see me tonight, but she’s with the other girl still, so is coming tomorrow.  I’m starting to not like things this way, and don’t know what to do about it.  I want to be easy and fun, and not demand things of her, and still don’t really want a serious relationship anyway.  So I’m not sure what to bring up and talk about, and what to ignore or deal with on my own.  Stupid jealousy.  I think the best solution would be for me to find someone else to hook up with as well, but my town is kinda small and I feel like I’ve run through all my options here already.