Worked the split again, was going to come home on my break, change into workout clothes, go exercise, go tanning, take a shower, take a nap, then go back to work.  Instead I uploaded pictures to facebook and bought my plane ticket home from travels.  Also productive, but not quite as impressive.  

I worked six and a half hours, took twelve deliveries, got $21.50 reimbursement and made $47.61 in tips.

Equalling $5.76 per delivery and $17.48 an hour after taxes.

Then I went to a st patricks day party, where we drank beer, ate food, and played guitar hero.  I suck at guitar hero it turns out.  Texted with Booty a little, she was at a party that I wasn’t allowed to go to because the other girl she’s dating didn’t want me to come.  She was grumpy and we had text miscommunication, and things feel weird.  I want to talk to her, but she’s with the other girl all weekend, so we can’t.  Super frustrating.