had the last two days off, spent them with Booty.  it was really nice, good, comfy.  she was sick the whole time, icky bad cold, but was nice to hang out with her.  couldn’t sleep last night at all though, was restless all night, then woke up at 4:44 and was wide awake, couldn’t fall back asleep until almost 7am.  so i was tired today, especially once i got to work.  Booty and I went out to lunch with my parents today, which was nice but also a little awkward, they think Booty and I are dating, like normal people, know nothing of the complexities of our relationship.  worked all evening, now eating leftovers from lunch and watching 28 weeks later.  i should be packing, but am super tired.  tomorrow i’m driving to go visit Booty, spending the night, coming back for work on Sunday.  

i worked four hours tonight, took nine deliveries, got $16.50 reimbursement and $41.98 in tips (thank you $10 tipper!)

equalling $6.50 per delivery and $20.71 an hour after taxes.