last post for a while, i leave tomorrow on adventures to distant lands.

my last day of work was exhausting, i’m sick and feel like i can hardly stand up.  stuffy head, terrible cough, i slept for eleven hours last night, eleven fitful hours of tossing and turning, but eleven hours!  i’m annoyed that i might still be sick for the first part of my trip.  ugh.

so i worked four hours today, took six deliveries, got $10.00 reimbursement and made $29.95 in tips.

equalling $6.66 per delivery and $16.76 an hour after taxes.

now i’m watching reruns of House, thinking about packing, thinking about emailing places to stay to make reservations, thinking about all the errands i need to do tomorrow.  i did a load of laundry earlier and had to sit down and rest partway through folding.  ugh.