had to work the stupid split shift today, which I was not excited about because it meant getting out of bed and to work by eleven, which was hard with the cute girl in my bed!

so i worked four and a half hours, took five deliveries, got $11.00 reimbursement, and made $14.15 in tips.
equalling $5.03 per delivery and $12.29 an hour after taxes.
it’s been really slow lately, which is pretty annoying, but kind of nice when I want to leave early like today.

so Booty came last night, we went out to dinner and came back home and drank beer and talked. it was good, and felt normal and nice for the most part, but also a little awkward (because we are both slightly awkward people) and we didn’t know our status with each other really. making out was perfect, but having sex was weird. i faked my orgasm, and she didn’t let me fuck her. went to sleep feeling slightly sad and a little disappointed. but in the morning we talked, and everything feels good. our awkwardness just compounded into this annoyingness. she’s still dating the girl in the other city, but in an unsure kind of way, they’re trying to figure out how things fit with them as well. i’m glad i’m not part of all the drama surrounding that whole scene! my life feels simple and clean lately. although boring.
really i just hope the sex gets back to amazing.