had to work the stupid split shift today, which I was not excited about because it meant getting out of bed and to work by eleven, which was hard with the cute girl in my bed!

so i worked four and a half hours, took five deliveries, got $11.00 reimbursement, and made $14.15 in tips.
equalling $5.03 per delivery and $12.29 an hour after taxes.
it’s been really slow lately, which is pretty annoying, but kind of nice when I want to leave early like today.

so Booty came last night, we went out to dinner and came back home and drank beer and talked. it was good, and felt normal and nice for the most part, but also a little awkward (because we are both slightly awkward people) and we didn’t know our status with each other really. making out was perfect, but having sex was weird. i faked my orgasm, and she didn’t let me fuck her. went to sleep feeling slightly sad and a little disappointed. but in the morning we talked, and everything feels good. our awkwardness just compounded into this annoyingness. she’s still dating the girl in the other city, but in an unsure kind of way, they’re trying to figure out how things fit with them as well. i’m glad i’m not part of all the drama surrounding that whole scene! my life feels simple and clean lately. although boring.
really i just hope the sex gets back to amazing.


I worked the split shift today.  Booty was still in town, and it was hard for me to leave her and go to work.  I worked a little over an hour in the morning and then got sent home for the afternoon, which was great because it was warm and sunny, and Booty and I got to have a lovely picnic, and some really hot sex, before I had to go back to work.

I ended up working a total of six hours, took eight deliveries, got $16.50 in reimbursement and $24.01 in tips.

Which equals $5.06 per delivery and $14.05 an hour after taxes.

Now Booty is gone, back home, after spending the last two nights with me.  I miss her a little, but am actually a little glad to have my apartment to myself for the night.  I can catch up on laundry tomorrow, and do boring things like mop and do errands.  I’m not sure when we’ll see eachother next though, which I don’t like.  I prefer to have a day to look forward to.  And the sex is still amazing.  Really fucking amazing.

I met a puppy today.  I want to bring it home and have it live with me in my tiny apartment. I’m worried that’s a silly idea though.  Especially since I’m going travelling soon, I’ll be gone for five or six weeks, so I’d need a puppy-sitter.  But it’s SO cute, and I’ve been wanting a puppy, and it needs a home.

my apartment always smells like sex.  i think it’s the carpet.  Booty Call squirts a lot when we have sex, and it’s soaked into my carpet all over my apartment.  i’ve tried febreeze, and it works somewhat, but the sex smell always comes back.  i’m not sure if she and I are the only ones who can tell, or if everyone that comes over can smell it too.  embarrassing!  i keep thinking about renting one of those carpet cleaners but it seems silly since it’ll just happen all over again.

yesterday i worked four and a half hours, took six deliveries, got $11.00 reimbursement and $18.08 in tips.

equalling $4.85 a delivery and $13.20 an hour after taxes.

then i went for drinks with a co-worker, Booty Call drove an hour to meet me after that and we went out for another drink and then had hot sex, woke up early to watch the inauguration, came home and had more hot sex, then i went to work again.

i worked today for six hours, took nine deliveries, got $14.50 reimbursement, and $33.61 in tips.

equalling $5.35 per delivery and $15.12 an hour after taxes.

Then I found out my Stupid Ex, that completely broke my heart less than a year ago, is getting married.  To some girl I’ve never even heard of before now.  And nobody told me.  Some of my friends (not my closest ones, but still) knew, and nobody said anything.  No wonder Stupid Ex won’t talk to me.  Ugh.  I’m so annoyed.  We were supposed to get married, she bought me a ring.  I wonder if this will last longer than we did.  I’m so sad and mad and grumpy about this, and don’t know how to deal with it.  I keep reminding myself I’m having lots of really hot sex, and Booty Call, while she’s not here right now, will be back tomorrow, and we’re going on a fancy date and having more hot sex, and I really like her and we have a lot of fun, but she’s not my person.  I think part of me still though maybe Stupid Ex was.  Like eventually she’d miss me, and apologize for everything she did that was awful, and we’d be friends again, and then she’d fall in love with me all over again, and it would be perfect.  And now she’s marrying some other girl, who she can’t have been with all that long.  Ugh.  Hate this.  Seriously.

i worked five hours, took seven deliveries, got $11.50 reimbursement and $27.17 in tips.  boring night, getting tired of this job.  how do people do this for years?

so i ended up making $5.52 per delivery and $14.22 an hour after taxes.

got back from out of town with just enough time to change into work clothes in the bathroom at work.  was caught up having sex and then got stuck in traffic.  sex was really great though, first time we’ve used toys together.  Booty Call got out her vibrator to quicken the process since we didn’t have much time.  it was hot.  she’s coming down to see me tomorrow afternoon, then i’ll ride with her to her place and stay friday night, then she comes down again saturday, i go to work for a bit, and then we go to a party and she spends the night with me.  lots of sex for me!

i worked the day shift today, it was good.  i had a two hour break in the afternoon and Booty Call came by.  great to see her, hot sex, then i had to go back to work.  made good money though.  she should be here soon to have drinks and then go out to karaoke for a friend’s birthday.  more hot sex later, probably at the club, and at my house, and perhaps in the car if we’re extra impatient.

i worked seven hours, took thirteen deliveries, got $41 reimbursement and $84.51 in tips.

equalling: $9.65 per delivery and $25.54 an hour after taxes. Yay!

today was my day off.  i woke up around nine after having a dream that the world was ending.  well, everyone was going to die, all at once.  for some reason i was hanging out with my ex-girlfriend from college, and looking for the boy I kissed in second grade.  i woke up feeling weird.

i didn’t leave the house all day today.  my plan was to go do errands in another town, but felt lazy about it.  ended up watching a marathon of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  i wasn’t very impressed.  now i’m watching House.  i was slightly productive though, sorting all my important papers into file folders.  and i ate leftover vegetable stuff rather than macaroni and cheese which is what i was craving.

two days until i finally see Booty Call again.  i’m kind of annoyed with her though.  haven’t heard from her hardly at all in the last couple days, and feel rather dissed.  i don’t like feeling like i’m so far down the list of priorities.  but the sex is so good that i know when she comes back i’ll still fuck her.  i just need to get these stupid emotions out of the way.  and i’m not in love with her.  i keep checking in with myself about that.  so why do i want her to be in love with me?

it snowed again.  i’m so tired of the snow.

work again tomorrow.  fun times.

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