I have to take a friend to the airport this evening, and it snowed again, and I got called into work, and would rather work than drive to the airport, but have a commitment.  The airport is near Booty’s house, and it would have been nice to just zip on up there to see her after, but that was part of our miscommunication, and she already has plans I guess.  Hmph.

I feel like there are a million things I need to do in the next ten days before I leave, but don’t want to do any of them.  I just want to lay around in my pjs and watch TV and feel sorry for myself.


Last night Booty Call and I sat around eating ice cream and watching Weeds for a couple hours, then went to bed.  Then we had to get up at 4am and I drove her to the airport so she could fly across the country to visit her ex.  Fun times.  Now I’m sitting in my pjs watching Big Love, feeling tired and lazy and lonely.  It’s always hardest when she first leaves.  A week really isn’t that long, she’ll be back Monday.  And we’re not even serious.  So why do I miss her so much already?  Ugh.

I’m tired, it feels late, I just got back from picking friends up from the airport after having worked for five hours before that.  I could have driven halfway to california in the same amount of time as I was driving tonight.  Luckily tomorrow is my day off, and I’m going to sleep in, be lazy, and maybe do some phone sex in the afternoon, before going to a friend’s house for board games in the evening.

Today I took nine deliveries, worked five hours, made $13.50 reimbursement, and $30.72 in tips.

That’s $4.91 per delivery, and $16.57 an hour before taxes or gas.