So yesterday was my day off. I slept in late, played around on the internet for several hours, and finally got out of bed at three-thirty!  I tried to be extra productive after that, getting the oil changed in my car and doing some grocery shopping.  In the evening I went over to a friend’s house for board games where we played a fun game called Mille Bornes, which I somehow have gone my entire life without playing.  Then we played Monopoply, the new version with debit cards.  Now, when I was a kid, I was the neighborhood champion of Monopoply.  I played epic games with the neighbor kid across the street that lasted days.  I would always win.  As an adult, while I own two or three versions of monopoly, nobody ever wants to play.  Everyone complains about the length of the game, and the capitalist nature, and the boringness.  So it’s been many many years since I’ve sat down for a game.  I was excited last night, choosing the big screen television as my piece.  And then I lost.  Big time.  I was the first one bankrupt, way before anyone else.  I blame it on not landing on property to buy early enough.  But who knows.  I totally lost.  And then had to sit there for another two hours watching everyone else play.  So I drank lots of beers. 

Now I’m lazily waking up, and going to go meet up with a client in an hour and a half, hopefully he’ll take me shopping before we get down to the strap-on sucking and ass kissing that he so enjoys.  Then I go deliver pizzas all evening and try not to run over child-size princesses, witches, hannah montanas, and spidermen (supposedly the top four costumes for kids this year).  After work I go home, throw on some sort of costume, and hit up three different parties.  See?  I’m not old!  Three parties after work!  Ha.