Booty call girl texted this evening to apologize for her comment about there being no chance of falling in love with me.  It was sweet, but unnecessary.  We also chatted a bit about the fact that we’re not doing this booty call thing right.  She’s been staying over and making breakfast and the like, and I guess that’s totally against booty call rules.  So we decided we’re just defining our own booty call relationship, and not worrying about it.

What does it mean that all the teeth on the right side of my mouth ache?  Are they all rotting and going to fall out?  Cuz I don’t think I’d be as cute with only half my teeth…

I worked for five and a half hours tonight, luckily working with my new favorite co-worker, totally gay, totally obsessed with britney spears.  He burned me a copy of her new cd, which is fun and I like a few of the songs, but there are several that are awful!  So working with him always makes things more fun.  I took ten deliveries (got several doubles which was nice) and made $15 reimbursement and $25.80 tips.

Which equals $4.08 a delivery and $15.70 an hour before taxes or gas.

Now I’m watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and lounging in my pjs with the heat turned way up, super lazy and tired and excited about sleeping in in the morning.