A client bought me a coffee table for my new apartment (a client from when I’m a Domme/escort, not a pizza girl!) and it arrived today.  Getting it up the stairs was a little scary, it was too heavy to carry, so I kind of rolled it up.  I checked the packing slip, and everything looked good, so I started putting it together.  Annoying to do alone it turns out, but I got it, set it upright, and then finally noticed it was NOT the coffee table I picked out.  Checked out the packing slip, and it shows the one I wanted, but the box is the wrong one.  So I look online, find out that the one I got is about $100 more than the one that was purchased, so I call and ask if I can return furniture purchased online to a retail store.  Sure can, as long as it’s packed back into it’s box.  So I take it all back apart, pack it back in the box with it’s complicated styrofoam puzzle, and slide it back down the stairs and wedge it back into my car.  This is when it starts pouring down rain.  So I drive to World Market, park in front of the door with my hazards on, and spend almost ten minutes pulling and pushing the huge box in the backseat, eventually getting it out and dragging it to the door.  I was hot and soaked.  But the exchange went smoothly, they had the coffee table I wanted in stock, the box for that one was a little smaller, so it wasn’t quite as much of an ordeal getting it in the car.  Getting it up the stairs was tough, it was even heavier than the first one, but I made it.  Put this one together, looks great, and I have about $100 in store credit at World Market now!  Worth the moving heavy shit in the rain part for sure.  Although my back hurts now, especially after driving all evening.

So it was POURING down rain all night tonight.  I got soaked over and over.  My car windows kept steaming up from the hot pizza until I figured out that the air conditioning solved that issue.  It was pretty busy, nobody wanted to leave their houses.  My first delivery was way out in the country, I had to walk through a muddy yard to get to the door.  The woman thanked me profusely, repeatedly, told me to drive safe, etc.  Then drew a line through the tip space on the credit card receipt.  It’s one thing if someone forgets to add a tip, but specifically scratching through, very obviously NO tip.  And I’m standing in the pouring down rain.  Thanks lady.  So then the second delivery a teenage girl answers the door with a $50.  I almost don’t have enough change for her, but she’s very patient as I count back each bill, and then the change.  No tip.  So I’m thinking it’s going to be an awful night, with the rain and the fogged windows, and the no tipping.  But it got better.

I ended up working close to five hours, making eleven deliveries, $18.50 reimbursements, $39.05 tips.

Which gets me $5.23 a delivery and $20.40 an hour before taxes or gas. Yay!