I keep switching with people and going home early.  Today only an hour and a half, not so bad, plus it got really slow.  I’m exhausted from the past week of staying up late having sex and waking up early cuz this girl doesn’t sleep in.  Last night I was up until two-thirty making mini quiches from scratch and then I got up early this morning to go see twilight.  I brought the quiches, mimosas, and coffee with baileys for our little group.  It was fun!  The movie was cheesy and I thought the casting wasn’t very good on lots of characters.  Bella was really great though.  So I was tipsy at eleven this morning, then did household stuff like fold laundry and errands, and got done quickly enough to take a little nap before work, which only left me more tired it seemed.

I ended up working four and a half hours, took six deliveries (very slow for a friday!) made $9.50 reimbursement, and $27.46 in tips.

Equalling: $6.16 a delivery and $16.10 an hour before taxes or gas.

Now I’m watching Dirt on dvd and wishing my dishes would wash themselves.  Torn between getting to bed really early and actually getting some good sleep, and more sex.


I woke up a little after ten and made coffee in a tea filter (which really doesn’t work as well as I’d like.  it leaked coffee grounds into the cup, i used a lot of coffee and it was still a little weak, and it takes up so much space there wasn’t a full cup of coffee when i took the filter out).  But I’m not going to my parents’ house today.  I decided last night to rent a pickup truck and drive down saturday morning.  I found a great deal on a truck, so I can drive some stuff down from here, pick up the stuff I need, and come back in time for work on sunday.  So now today gets to be lazy.  I’m sitting on the couch in my pjs, watching Ellen and doing random morning internet stuff.  Soon I’ll get my ass up and make some food, meet up with a friend, etc, but for now I’m enjoying the lazing around.  I just wish there was more coffee…

I made nine deliveries, worked five and a half hours, got reimbursed $15.50, and made $28.54 in tips.

Working out to: $4.89 a delivery and $16.08 an hour before taxes or gas.


Tomorrow’s my day off, and I keep going back and forth about whether to go to my parents house (two hour drive) for the day or not.  I need to get stuff from their place, especially my french press!  But I really don’t feel like waking up early and driving for two hours, and going through boxes and stuff all day.  I’m tempted to put it off until saturday, when a friend of mine might go with me.  That’s probably what will happen, but part of me feels like I SHOULD go tomorrow instead.  Maybe that’s the part that really wants coffee sooner than saturday.

bagels and coffee with a friend

special trip in to work to sign my timesheet (oops!)

clean my apartment (moldy dishes are gross)

drive vicodin over to friend with headache

go out drinkin?