i keep forgetting to get my paycheck.

i freaked out at work tonight and had to go home.

i couldn’t find a house, smashed the pizza with the 2 liter of soda, and backed into a huge rock at the end of someone’s driveway.

i stayed up until 4am last night dancing and smoking cigarettes, but didn’t drink after two glasses of wine at 11.

i slept until noon.

i feel like a mess today, hot, exhausted.

i’m trying to convince Booty Call to come back from out of town tonight rather than tomorrow and take a bubble bath and drink champagne and eat pie and have sex.  i think these things would make things better.

I worked a little over two hours and took three deliveries.  I made $6.50 in reimbursements and $10 in tips.

Equalling $5.50 per delivery and $14.95 an hour before taxes or gas.


Forgot to get my paycheck, now have to wait to deposit it monday. Annoying.
I’ve been depressed all day. Probably from the drinking. Also confused, there’s parts of last night that I don’t remember and I didn’t really drink that much. A shot of whiskey and three pbrs. So it seems odd that I don’t remember stuff. Today I stayed in pjs until it was time to go to work at five-thirty. I was lazy and sad and watched CSI all day.
Work was tiring, I’m glad to be home, back in pjs and watching a movie.
Booty Call is out of town for the weekend (like every other weekend) and I miss her but am glad to give my cunt a rest! We haven’t hung out without fucking yet. Which is fun! But tiring.
I worked five hours, took nine deliveries, got $15.50 reimbursement and $27.67 in tips.
Equalling $4.80 a delivery and $16.82 an hour before taxes or gas.

I was exhausted all day, didn’t get enough sleep while camping.  Went to bed too late, drank too many beers, woke up too early, decided whiskey and baileys in my coffee was a great idea (it was tasty and made my morning much more fun) and ate only bacon for breakfast.  Stopped at Burgerville on the way home and ate way too much food (chicken strips, double cheeseburger, two orders of fries).  Then I took a shower and a nap (I never nap, it’s something I’m learning to do).  Then I had to go to work.  I was so not into going to work, but dragged my ass there anyway.  I tried to get someone to close for me, but no takers.  Did manage to trade my friday shift for a saturday so I can go to a friend’s show.  Now I have to close saturday though.  Yuck.

Anyway, I worked five and a half hours, took eight deliveries, made $16 in reimbursements and $30.13 in tips.

Which makes $5.77 per deliver and $16.69 an hour before tax or gas.

bagels and coffee with a friend

special trip in to work to sign my timesheet (oops!)

clean my apartment (moldy dishes are gross)

drive vicodin over to friend with headache

go out drinkin?