It was really slow tonight for a friday.  I got sent home after only four hours and only took six deliveries.  One of which was to a crazy man-hating woman who I traded a dude I work with for to see if I could get a tip when none of the guys at work can.  Nope.  No tip.  

I made $12 in reimbursements, and $25.12 in tips.

So $6.19 per delivery and $17.35 an hour before taxes or gas. Yippee.

Oh, and I probably can’t afford my health insurance anymore because my rent is too expensive and my income is too high to qualify for the poor person discount anymore.  But I heard that Obama is going to take away money from all the people that have it, and give it to those of us that don’t, so I’m sure everything will be perfect soon.


I’m more excited and hopeful than I’ll admit to my friends.  Almost my entire adult life has been spent with an idiot for a president.  I am thrilled at the idea of having a president smarter than me, more qualified than I am.  A president that I voted for actually won, and I’m excited.  I used to me so much more of an anarchist.

I had a great conversation with a younger friend of mine last night, over cheap beer.  I babbled about the way I’ve changed over the last eight years politically, and why I voted for Obama.  I was more articulate than I usually am, and shared things I usually keep to myself.  I don’t remember much of it now though, but I know it was good!

It was fun delivering pizzas tonight, my city is mostly democrats, so all the houses I went to were happy and excited and I did pretty well tip-wise.  I think wearing my “I Voted” sticker to the doors helped!  It’s nice to deliver pizza to people in great moods.  So often people are grumpy, and it doesn’t make for a fun interaction.

I don’t know how many deliveries I made, but I worked for six hours, made $18 reimbursements, and $36.55 in tips.

That works out to $17.61 an hour before gas or taxes.