I’m at my parents’ house, going through stuff I’ve been storing here, trying to figure out what to do with it.  It’s funny looking at old pictures of me and my friends from years ago, we all look so young, even though I feel like we haven’t changed much.  I’m exhausted and all I want to do is be really warm and sleep.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Hot sex and then warmth and sleep.  I kinda want to have sex ALL the time right now, which is a little annoying since my booty call/hook-up girl is not available every minute of every day.  You’d think sex twice a day for the last five days would be enough, but no, I still want her to be here fucking me right now.  And she isn’t.  She’s actually hanging out with other friends, probably for the next few days at least.  Hmph.  I’m tired and whiny and selfish.


I made nine deliveries, worked five and a half hours, got reimbursed $15.50, and made $28.54 in tips.

Working out to: $4.89 a delivery and $16.08 an hour before taxes or gas.


Tomorrow’s my day off, and I keep going back and forth about whether to go to my parents house (two hour drive) for the day or not.  I need to get stuff from their place, especially my french press!  But I really don’t feel like waking up early and driving for two hours, and going through boxes and stuff all day.  I’m tempted to put it off until saturday, when a friend of mine might go with me.  That’s probably what will happen, but part of me feels like I SHOULD go tomorrow instead.  Maybe that’s the part that really wants coffee sooner than saturday.