I’m more excited and hopeful than I’ll admit to my friends.  Almost my entire adult life has been spent with an idiot for a president.  I am thrilled at the idea of having a president smarter than me, more qualified than I am.  A president that I voted for actually won, and I’m excited.  I used to me so much more of an anarchist.

I had a great conversation with a younger friend of mine last night, over cheap beer.  I babbled about the way I’ve changed over the last eight years politically, and why I voted for Obama.  I was more articulate than I usually am, and shared things I usually keep to myself.  I don’t remember much of it now though, but I know it was good!

It was fun delivering pizzas tonight, my city is mostly democrats, so all the houses I went to were happy and excited and I did pretty well tip-wise.  I think wearing my “I Voted” sticker to the doors helped!  It’s nice to deliver pizza to people in great moods.  So often people are grumpy, and it doesn’t make for a fun interaction.

I don’t know how many deliveries I made, but I worked for six hours, made $18 reimbursements, and $36.55 in tips.

That works out to $17.61 an hour before gas or taxes.