So today is my day off from the pizza place, and I had planned on getting up early, going to get coffee with a friend and maybe taking a walk around the lake, and then coming back to my place to get back in the phone sex swing of things for the afternoon.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve made myself available to my customers, and they email me almost daily telling me how much they miss me.  I’ve just been lazy I think, distracted by checking my email a million times a day and updating all my various sites that keep track of every single thing I do.  Like Daily Plate, which tracks what I eat and drink, and Netflix for movies,  and Goodreads for books, Mint to keep track of finances, and 43things for random shit I should do, both TripAdvisor and TravBuddy for maps of where I’ve been, and then my two blogs on here, plus one on LiveJournal, and MySpace.  Lots of sites to waste my day with!

So anyway, I woke up about half an hour later than planned (not too bad actually) and the friend I wanted to go to coffee with was busy, so instead I lay around in bed all morning doing random internet stuff until almost one, when I got my ass up to go to the grocery store to buy pumpkin curry ingredients.  Cooking took most of the afternoon, during which I COULD have been available for the phone sex, but really didn’t even think of it until it felt too late.  I’m leaving in half an hour to go to a pumpkin potluck and jack-o-lantern carving party (hence the pumpkin curry).  So there went my day.