So I’m trying to be all casual and hook up with booty call girl without getting involved.  I mean, she’s in a relationship.  Sure it’s long-distance currently, and non-monogamous, but still a serious relationship.  Plus she’s in love with another girl, a girl who is in a monogamous relationship and has rules and boundaries about what they can and can’t do, but in love none the less.  And then there’s me, the girl she’s had sexual tension with for six fucking years, we have had drama on and off forever.  And now we’re having sex.  Lots of sex.  Good sex.  And I know that I’ll get hurt.  No matter how detached I think I can stay, I know that however this ends it will hurt my feelings in some way.  Which is super annoying because really I just want to enjoy this and not get wrapped up in it.  Did you know there were rules to booty calls?  Or casual hook-ups, or whatever this is?  I have been talking to a few friends about shit, and turns out I was supposed to put a time limit on how long I let her stay, like two hours.  And I was supposed to not let her spend the night.  And I was certainly not supposed to let her make me breakfast.  But I like those parts.  I like her cuddling up behind me when I’m sleeping, I like her waking me up in the morning and fucking me again.  I like having her make me coffee and breakfast while I pull the covers back up around me and doze cozy and warm in the window’s morning sunlight.  She brought me dinner the other day while I was working, and came early in the morning the next morning to bring me coffee.  But I guess all that is the stuff that will make it hard.  She caught a ride with me to visit friends in another city yesterday, now I’m back home and she’s still away and I just want her to come get naked with me.  We don’t have plans for when we’ll see eachother again and that bugs me.  I hate that it bugs me.

Anyway, I worked four and a half hours tonight and took six deliveries.  $10 reimbursement and $20.59 tips.

So: $5.10 a delivery and $15 an hour before taxes or gas.