This evening was rainy and foggy and sunny and windy all at once.  There was the biggest rainbow across the entire sky, framing yellow-leaved trees and dark charcoal skies.  It was beautiful and every time I ran from my car to a house I got soaked.  I saw a car with the license plate RCKYMTN and I immediately thought I was following an SUV driven by Ricky Martin.  I was thrilled!  I even took a picture, that was about when I realized their vanity plate probably was supposed to imply “Rocky Mountain” or something boring like that.  Either that or the white haired man driving ten miles under the speed limit was a huge “Livin La Vida Loca” fan.  I’m choosing to believe the second option.

I ended up only working four and a half hours, it was really busy for the first four, then it completely died, so the manager sent me home.  I’m fine with that.  I have to start my nanowrimo novel, and there’s a movie I want to watch.  I really should clean my apartment, there are dishes almost a week old in the sink!  But I’m tired, and don’t want to.  :-p

So I worked 4.5 hours, took 9 deliveries, made $15 in reimbursements, and $32.56 in tips. (I had a funny split today of either really good tips, or really shitty ones.)

That works out to $5.28 per delivery and $18.42 an hour before taxes or gas.