I almost forgot to post tonight because I got distracted looking at electric tea kettles on amazon.  I want one that doesn’t have any plastic bits that touch the boiling water, not hard to find in stovetop models, but the search through electric ones is a long road.  Many others have searched before me, but the reports back are spotty.  I wish there was an electric tea kettle store I could visit, and look at each one myself.  I tried Target, but they only had a couple, both with plastic bits.  

Work tonight was slow, closing went quickly though.  The time change made the evening feel longer, the clocks didn’t all agree.

I worked five and a half hours, took nine deliveries, made $15.50 reimbursements, and $22.36 in tips.

That’s $5.43 a delivery and $14.99 an hour before gas or taxes.