today was my day off.  i woke up around nine after having a dream that the world was ending.  well, everyone was going to die, all at once.  for some reason i was hanging out with my ex-girlfriend from college, and looking for the boy I kissed in second grade.  i woke up feeling weird.

i didn’t leave the house all day today.  my plan was to go do errands in another town, but felt lazy about it.  ended up watching a marathon of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  i wasn’t very impressed.  now i’m watching House.  i was slightly productive though, sorting all my important papers into file folders.  and i ate leftover vegetable stuff rather than macaroni and cheese which is what i was craving.

two days until i finally see Booty Call again.  i’m kind of annoyed with her though.  haven’t heard from her hardly at all in the last couple days, and feel rather dissed.  i don’t like feeling like i’m so far down the list of priorities.  but the sex is so good that i know when she comes back i’ll still fuck her.  i just need to get these stupid emotions out of the way.  and i’m not in love with her.  i keep checking in with myself about that.  so why do i want her to be in love with me?

it snowed again.  i’m so tired of the snow.

work again tomorrow.  fun times.


Slow night.  I worked five hours and made seven deliveries.  $13.50 reimbursement and $23.63 in tips.

So: $5.30 per delivery and $15.70 an hour before taxes or gas.

Now I’m home an hour early and turned on my phone for the evening!  Phone sex here I come.  It’s been a while, but I’m ready for some extra money coming my way.  I’m in my cowboy pjs watching House on fuzzy Fox.  I love having the eyetv so I can watch tv on my mac, and pause and record.  Yay technology!