it was my last shift in the front house tonight, and it was crazy busy.  we only had one server rather than two, and every table was full.  we were even busier on the delivery side, which made it frustrating that i wasn’t driving.  

i only worked three hours, but it felt like six.  blah.

i got home and had to scrub my bathroom down with bleach, getting all remnants of puppy poo off my floor and walls.  the puppy went back to my ex-gf’s mom today, she’s going to spend the next week working on training it to go outside, since I’m leaving town for a couple days anyway it seemed to make the most sense.  she might just keep it until i get back from cuba in may, and then i’ll adopt it when it’s not quite so spastic and puppyish.

i’m hungry, but can’t get to my kitchen because the floor is damp with bleach water still.

Booty comes tomorrow, sometime in the morning/early afternoon.  I work the split shift, so I think she’ll try to come for my break, then after I get off we go to a friend’s house to watch the L-Word.  Tuesday I go up to her house with her, then Wednesday we go to Canada for the night, to buy prepaid mastercards that will supposedly work in Cuba.  Then back down here to watch LOST with friends on Thursday night.  Then I work all weekend.  I’m excited about having three days off in a row, i don’t think i’ve had that since i started working here!

I should be cleaning my apartment, putting away laundry, making it cute and presentable for Booty’s arrival tomorrow, but instead I’m laying around watching some terrible sequel to Lost Boys.  Maybe after I eat something I’ll have more cleaning energy.


bagels and coffee with a friend

special trip in to work to sign my timesheet (oops!)

clean my apartment (moldy dishes are gross)

drive vicodin over to friend with headache

go out drinkin?