The pie turned out fairly well.


pecan pie

pecan pie

Super tasty, and the crust wasn’t bad, especially for a first try.  I think next time it’ll be even better.

Tonight was another rainy dark night of work, and for some reason tonight I had mostly deliveries to houses without house numbers or where the numbers were completely out of order or houses down long dark driveways with no marker at the street.  And then tips were crap.  Maybe the worst so far?

I worked five and a half hours, made eight deliveries, got $13.50 reimbursement, and $18.73 in tips.

So $4.03 per delivery and $14.09 per hour before taxes or gas.


I’m gonna bake a pie.  Pecan pie.  And I’m going to make my own crust!

That’s today’s day off activity.  

It’s supposed to end up looking like this:


pecan pie

pecan pie

We’ll see how it goes!  My ex used to always make the crusts, and I would make the fillings, so this is my first time doing crust on my own.

Any tips?