On my day off today I finally took all the cardboard and packing styrofoam and stuff to the dump.  It had been accumulating over the past few weeks as my furniture and other random items arrived in the mail.  So I recycled all the cardboard, and took the huge black plastic bag to the landfill.  It was kind of fun at first, I drove my car onto the big scale, got weighed and handed a swipey plastic card thing, took my garbage and threw it in the big hole, and drove out to another scale.  I handed my swipey plastic card thing to the woman and she says “$14” I say “$14?” and she says “Yep, $14 for anything up to 400 pounds”.  I explain I didn’t realize there was a minimum charge, and I had only dumped that one bag of styrofoam.  She looks, says that yes, I only seem to be two pounds lighter than when I entered, but it’s still $14.  So I leave, two pounds and $14 less.  

Then my parents came to town and took me out to lunch, we ate delicious bbq at a place a friend of mine works, so that was fun and tasty, although the cornbread muffins were very dry.  We then played Canasta, my mom kicked my dad’s and my asses.  Now it’s 5:30, very dark and cold, and I’m waiting for two different friends to arrive in town from two different directions.  Then there’s a show, maybe a slumber party, who knows.  Until then I plan to watch How I Met Your Mother on dvd.