it was my last shift in the front house tonight, and it was crazy busy.  we only had one server rather than two, and every table was full.  we were even busier on the delivery side, which made it frustrating that i wasn’t driving.  

i only worked three hours, but it felt like six.  blah.

i got home and had to scrub my bathroom down with bleach, getting all remnants of puppy poo off my floor and walls.  the puppy went back to my ex-gf’s mom today, she’s going to spend the next week working on training it to go outside, since I’m leaving town for a couple days anyway it seemed to make the most sense.  she might just keep it until i get back from cuba in may, and then i’ll adopt it when it’s not quite so spastic and puppyish.

i’m hungry, but can’t get to my kitchen because the floor is damp with bleach water still.

Booty comes tomorrow, sometime in the morning/early afternoon.  I work the split shift, so I think she’ll try to come for my break, then after I get off we go to a friend’s house to watch the L-Word.  Tuesday I go up to her house with her, then Wednesday we go to Canada for the night, to buy prepaid mastercards that will supposedly work in Cuba.  Then back down here to watch LOST with friends on Thursday night.  Then I work all weekend.  I’m excited about having three days off in a row, i don’t think i’ve had that since i started working here!

I should be cleaning my apartment, putting away laundry, making it cute and presentable for Booty’s arrival tomorrow, but instead I’m laying around watching some terrible sequel to Lost Boys.  Maybe after I eat something I’ll have more cleaning energy.


worked in the front house for two hours, boring as usual.

now i’m home watching movies on netflix instant viewing, eating macaroni & cheese, and i’m depressed.  ugh.  i hate winter, hate depression, and hate that i’m supposed to fix it myself.  i should eat healthier, get more exercise, etc etc.  but i’m depressed, and don’t have energy for that, i just want crap food and movies and pjs.  hmph.  the only only thing that makes me feel better when i’m depressed is making out, and Booty is my only girl for that lately and she’s out of town.  plus, the last two days she was here with me and i had a cold sore, and couldn’t kiss her.

i hate my life today.

i was out of town all weekend, and almost didn’t make it back for work today because the ride i arranged (try to be all eco and carpool and look what happens) was an hour late and then her car broke, so I had to call up Booty Call and have her drive me the hour drive home.  made it to work only five minutes late.  worked in the front house this evening, it was so boring!  there was a lot of standing around. it’ll be nice to work up there maybe one day a week, as a break from driving, but i don’t think being a hostess is for me especially.  i worked four hours and only made one dollar in tips (hostesses get the tips from to-go orders, and most people don’t tip on those, which makes sense since i just carry a pizza ten feet to them).

so i made $7.83 an hour after taxes.  why would i want to do this rather than drive?  because maybe then i can be a server at some point…

I keep switching with people and going home early.  Today only an hour and a half, not so bad, plus it got really slow.  I’m exhausted from the past week of staying up late having sex and waking up early cuz this girl doesn’t sleep in.  Last night I was up until two-thirty making mini quiches from scratch and then I got up early this morning to go see twilight.  I brought the quiches, mimosas, and coffee with baileys for our little group.  It was fun!  The movie was cheesy and I thought the casting wasn’t very good on lots of characters.  Bella was really great though.  So I was tipsy at eleven this morning, then did household stuff like fold laundry and errands, and got done quickly enough to take a little nap before work, which only left me more tired it seemed.

I ended up working four and a half hours, took six deliveries (very slow for a friday!) made $9.50 reimbursement, and $27.46 in tips.

Equalling: $6.16 a delivery and $16.10 an hour before taxes or gas.

Now I’m watching Dirt on dvd and wishing my dishes would wash themselves.  Torn between getting to bed really early and actually getting some good sleep, and more sex.

Work goes by so much more slowly now that I have somewhere I’d really rather be.

My new hook-up girl came by and surprised me with dinner and a makeout session in the car; I totally went back to work with messed up hair and my shirt all rumpled, but nobody noticed since most everyone at work is kinda sloppy.

I took seven deliveries, worked five and a half hours, made $11.50 reimbursement and $19.53 tips.

Equalling: $4.43 a delivery and $13.68 an hour.